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Based in Brooklyn, NY

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20 Oct, 2020



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Electioneering is a turn-based game and simulation based on the 2020 U.S. Election. Players focus on changing voter opinion to win votes for the candidate they support. Events such as Trump's Impeachment or the COVID-19 outbreak create new issues for the voters to consider. The game allows users to research topics within each issue, such as Trump's acquittal and the first Covid-19 case in America, and make strategic ad buys to sway the voters. All ads apply spin. As with the actual election, opponents apply strategies designed to win undecideds using any method they can to win. Your job is to learn what voters think by taking out polls, hacking the candidates, and stealing information from their campaign! Winning the nation's support takes real skill. Electioneering mimics this new environment, asking users to choose between hundreds of different Events, Issues, Topics, and Arguments (spin) to reshape the conversation and even the country.


It's been 4 years since you last got this phone call. It's time. America is choosing a new leader, and the world is watching. Some of us are doing more than watching; we're falsifying information, we're spreading lies. We're Electioneering. This time it's Trump and Biden; it's your job to use all the resources at your disposal to make sure that your candidate wins. Can you convince the voters to ignore what they see, ignore what they feel, and vote your way? Can you lie, cheat, and steal this election? We'll give you a weekly stipend and some contacts; the rest is up to you. If you get caught, we don't know you. If you lose, well. These aren't the kind of people you want to disappoint.


  • Choose your Candidate and get him elected
  • Influence 51,000 virtual unique voters
  • Fog of War, neither you nor the Candidates ever see the true electoral map
  • Adapt your campaign to a dozen events such as Covid-19, Impeachment of Trump...
  • Engage Dark Web Agents such as the Social Engineer, the Researcher, and the Hacker
  • Hack the Candidates and steal their plans
  • Research and choose the topics to spin in the media
  • Lie to the voters with ads
  • Hand-drawn Characters


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About Cosmo's Tuxedo

Cosmo's Tuxedo is a new game company with a strong interest in challenging the narrative of current events

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Electioneering Credits

Jordan Smilovic
Game Designer, Lead Developer

Jacob Dunbar
Unity & UI Developer

Alex Jamieson
UX & Scenario Design

Ben Paddock
UI & UX Designer

Gulzara Tokhtamysheva


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